York Park Speedway

Some great pictures from Launceston’s long gone York Park Speedway in the 60’s.

York Park Speedway Launceston (Those were the days !) | Tasmanian Cyclist

Can’t help but think what happened to all those beautiful bikes.

no doubt sold on as mcbains…

good to see joe ciavola’s name up on the scoreboard.

So sweet. I’d love to have ridden around such a place with the old factories in the background. Very atmospheric, beautiful in fact.

^ Those buildings are still there, albeit renovated. They now house the Queen Victoria Museum and were once part of the railyards, which my Grandfather worked at for most of his life.

I’m sure nobody cares.

nah man, i like that stuff.

Me too, it’s beaituful. I like visiting Wollongong just to go round the the steelworks area. Crappy houses, smelly and just beautiful, full of character and real stories.

My favourite pic of my old man is of when he was an apprentice at a rail yard.

Here is some footage from Launceston in 1966. At 14.47 there’s a bunch of hard men taking their track bikes on a road ride! At 6.56 there’s a bit on the railyards.


some serious double fork crown porn in there.