You got to love him!!!!

Details Aaron?

Erik - Mr Gear Brisbane.

Studio Sixty

As part of a series Jason is doing on bike people in Brisbane.

Yeah sorry Dan and Erik.
Jason is a mate of mine so that’s how I saw it.

um, wut?

Yeah Aaron didn’t explain it very well. From what i know. Jason is taking pictures of people around brisbane then ride. Now instead of doing portraits with bikes which everyone else does. He is doing photo’s of people who are associated with bikes but more so twisting it around what makes them who they are, or what they are associated with that brings them to their bike. (hope that makes sense to everyone else reading it.) There’s heaps more to come. I think erik was the first or second.

Thanks Dan…but Erik wasn’t the first, second or third…
2010 August | Studio Sixty
scroll down to almost the bottom…I’m Mr. August

don’t hate me…

Nice to see someone as OLD as me.