You in Melb are PRICKS.

Seems a pretty accurate title.

I HATE reading about your track meets, on an indoor wooden velodrome. I HATE knowing that you can race there twice a week. I HATE that you all have regular races behind a derny. I HATE that you enjoy yourselves and have fun. I HATE that you don’t have headwinds to race into. I HATE that if it rains you can still race.

you were forced to move to QLD by gunpoint?

Suffer ‘Caterpillar’ boy,


Better Beer…pull your head in…XXXX rocks!!

Nice TRUCK…do they make them for men?

Only ‘girly’ men like you…and chix with dicks…

I have a story about that…doesnt end well.

I have a story about that…doesnt end well.

:-o :-o :-o PM me with that one!!!

Did it end well for “her”?


Even when you were here Rhino, I don’t recall you racing - well track anyway


I prefer the ‘term’ cvnt. Has far greater reverance.

Fucking MASSIVE call.

How would you know Rhino??
I have only ever seen you drinking wine.
And not many of those before you are “boozed”.

What a fun night!!
nearly as good as the other night when I walked into a glass door. :wink:

Only the Gold kind. And I prefer the QLD diesel to the XXXX anyway

All you poor bastards should come for a roll in “old sydney town” we have a bar inside our veldrome complex.

After a hard night’s racing on a Friday we have our recovery at the Handlebar Tavern. Which entails $50 in jugs of beer (bought by the organiser) and a big bowl of pasta!

Sucks to be you guys :mrgreen:

I’m hatching a plan for the 14th or the 21st - watch these spaces :slight_smile:

Sweet! :lol:

The 14th would be best as the 21st I won’t have much time for visitors as my parents are getting back into the country after living OS for the last 6years…



Same goes for you…

A now pretty serious ‘racer’ once told me training was a waste of time! :wink:

Rather beneficial I think!

A very accurate one though! The only good beer made in AU is from Vic and Tassie the rest is a waste of water, especially in these times of drought n all :wink: :smiley:

Oh and I think the cafe at DISC is applying for a liquor licence too aren’t they? :smiley:

Um what about Mountain Goat and Coopers?

Personally I think Vic tastes like what I think horse piss would taste like and should only be used for degreaser, or to get the barnacles off the bottom of boats. But thats just my opinon :wink: