You just ran out of excuses not to ride to work.

Cycling while pregnant: the verdict | Sam Haddad | Environment |

Raining? Too hot? Too far?

You’re not 9 months pregnant, so suck it up.

I’m heaps pregnant.

Not really. That’s pretty cool, she was doing a fair distance too.

Forwarded to my wife, not that she’s pregnant. Of course, the main reason she’s not riding at the moment is that I’ve pulled her bike apart to convert to 2x8…

My wife is 7 months pregnant and still riding. She has less oxygen in her blood generally as the little parasite takes it, so her lungs have to work a bit harder. But otherwise it is fine. And she is still on her singlespeed – no upright bike yet!

The main issue is not so much the physical action of riding, but feeling a bit more vulnerable around idiot drivers. So she’s limiting her riding to non-peak hour times and not on Friday / Saturday night in the city and walking most places when she’s not riding. While she can cover herself in lights and reflective stuff, she can’t exactly tow a banner saying “Back Off I’m Pregnant!”.

challenge accepted!

Mrs Ant just (sadly) hung up the helmet. She’s 36 weeks on Sunday. She is a fucking hero in my book.

Front and back print?

I’ve gotta get a wife now so I can join in with you hipster guys.

^ ftfy

Seconded. (Also to Mrs Diddy).

Riding pregnant is the new fixed. All the kids will be doing it in about six months time