you know its windy when....

you know its windy (and rainy) when:

  • you’re proud as punch to say “i made it all the way to black rock today”
  • you can’t take a drink for 2 reasons… 1, you’d be instanly blown off your bike with only one hand at the helm, and 2, you’re caressing the bars with such a death grip that you cant actually open your hands enough to get around your drink bottle
  • you’re getting hit in the face with hard little things and you can’t decide whether its a) hail, b) sand from the beach, c) 100 mile an hour rain drops or d) muddy drops of sand water being whipped off the beach.
  • your helmet hovers a centimetre or two above your head when theres a gap in the trees on the side of the road
  • BUT MOST OBVOIUSLY OF ALL you can tell its fucking windy when you brake, corner and climb as well as you always have to the amazement of all the roadies around you… yes, today i rode in close to the worst 90mins of cycling weather (i say “cycling weather” cos those kite surfers at brighton seem to love it) i’ve seen in a while and i’m starting to understand the power of a fixie… sure its always been fun and quick, but when the going gets tough (and 11.30am to 1pm was VERY tough) the fixie feels as sure footed and solid as ever… even the front wheel seemed more planted than my old roadie did in similar conditions.

More devoted to and astounded by simplicity than ever.

Your transformation is complete.

Welcome to the dark side.

You know its windy when you see a fellow cyclist get blown off the road into the Yarra. But thats not my story.