You know that feeling you get when...

Its a sunny day and you’re sitting in your back yard, and you’re listening to something rad(in this case the Chorus Of Disapproval discography), and sorting out the last few kinks in your ride, and you think to yourself, life is pretty fucking good?

I just got that.

Sure I lost my job yesterday, but fuck those guys, today was awesome.

isnt that great?

spot on!


Ohhhh, I had that yesterday. So I celebrated with a ride of bike-less-kinks once the job was done! Best ride in a while :slight_smile:

NO!, Riding to Fed Square, BB shits its’ self…Fucked day, Thursday will be better.

Lost my credit card…couldnt find it. what a day…but PUMP some iron at the gym feeling much better.

If it makes you guys with shit days feel any better, I have a sinking feeling I might be in the market for a french threaded bottom bracket.

HAHAHA sucker :evil:

i got one in reasonable nick with a 7NL spindle if its any use - replaced by the executive solution

taking about french thread BB…anyone here has a french threaded track lockring around??