You lucky Brisbanites

I headed down to Brisbane a couple of weeks back whilst my wife was doing some work and I took the opportunity to have a look around and all I can say is being from Perth I am jealous.

Not only was the weather warm given the winter months but I quickly noticed how great the city and surrounding CBD is accommodating for all things bike. I was so sad I didn’t have the forethought to bring one of my rides down but next time I won’t forget.

There must be a good number of you guys living here because most of the streets I see in the “Missed Connections” thread I know recognise as being Brisbane based.

So well I just stopped in to say you are all spoilt bastards. That is all.

Nothing wrong with your fair city - you have an indoor velodrome, dirt cheap flights overseas, and can sit on the beach in the afternoon drinking piss watching the sun set.

also your sharks are rad, unless they’re eating you, then they’re bogus.


Brisbane is ok, Qld is amazing but to be honest brisbane is good for earning and living with a family.
Melbourne is rad canberra has snow and alpine country perth is a city that is close to a beach that has surf.
Just i guess its all about making the most of what you have.

I moved from Perth to Canberra 18 months ago. I totally understand what you mean about Perth being sucky for bikes.

Yeah don’t get me wrong Perth is a great place but from a urban planning standpoint bikes don’t get the consideration that they get in the likes of Brisbane.

Sydney is shit.

I like Perth, I like Brisbane. I’ve lived in both, they remind me of each other. I wouldn’t object to moving back to either later on in life.


I agree with you about Sydney, I have spent some time around the Northern beaches and there is not a whole lot of decent infrastructure for cyclists.

Definitely better planning in Brisbane than in Perth. I would hope Perth will follow suit in the future with some lanes in the CBD and also a shared facility for commuters like the one in King George Square would not go astray.