You should see the other guy...

This is the result of me lending my road bike to my little brother, the equation goes something like this…

Little Bro + scott roadie + Hilux = twisted wreck + hospital visit

So surprised that the full carbon forks or the carbon handlebars didn’t shatter, he got thrown into the air and rolled several times, thank the bike jesus he is ok though!

On a more materialistic note does anyone know whether it would be possible to get the left chainstay and seatstay fixed, the seatstay has a crack and the chainstay is just bent. it is an aluminium frame

Throw it in the bin.

Hope your bro is ok. That way i won’t feel bad for saying if i was in a car too and saw a road bike with triple chainrings and pink velocity wheels i’d probably have a crash too.

Agreed. You can’t straighten that frame, and repair won’t be economical. If your bro wasn’t in the wrong then the driver is up for a whole new bike and some medical bills

You forgot the camo bartape.