You will probably never see one of these again.

A Campy Chorus sheriff star hub. I’m no expert (nor do I claim to be, so eat a bag), but I’ve only ever seen one photo of these hubs. Good luck finding a rear to match it!


That’s probably why he’s getting rid of it.

I like this Erle. Similar to when I was looking through the Campagnolo Euclid MTB range from 1989 and there are Euclid high flange MTB hubs… the mind boggles! Never actually seen a photo though.

Here’s a link to the Euclid high flange hubs: - Component: Campagnolo M300-FG, Euclid (High Flange)

They look very similar to the eBay ones (except for ridge in the middle).

Erle, I think the hub on the eBay auction might be 1988/89 Centaur. Here’s a PDF of the catalogue:

By the way, I got that info from this thread at BNA:
Australian Cycling Forums • View topic - Campy confusion

Cheers for the info Jeff. I’d seen them referred to as Chorus, which is why I probably hadn’t been able to find any info when searching for them.

Pretty smart looking hubs regardless of model!

I agree it looks like a Centaur MTB hub:

  • 1 million.

And here’s the matching rear Hilary Stone Hubs & Rims