Your Bicycling History

Post stories/anecodotes/charts/timelines/pics(highly encouraged) and memories etc of your bicycle history…

I’ll kick this off by saying I’ve had a totally crappy bike history, the more embarrassing and crappy the better I guess?

I’ll finish with a more complete breakdown when I’m more sober.

Why? Drunk posts are so much more fun to read.

Speaking of which I’m so famous I interviewed myself once.
Arguing on the internet… it’s not just for hipsters

Fixed since 1971 :wink:

True Spirito, very true. I’m not Mr Dylan however, and I don’t think that many people appreciate my sense of (or would that be lack of?) humour.

Anyways, as far as I can remember my first real bike was a little Bronze/Gold kids bike with white saddle, pedals, and grips - complete with streamers. I had a “bike” before that, but it was a little plastic scoot-around thing, which in it’s own right was pretty bad-ass. It was a CHiPs colour schemed bike, and since my Dad was in the Police i kinda figured that he was exactly like those guys.

When I got bigger I was given my first BMX, although I wasn’t too stoked on the whole thing… You see, my parents must have had a pretty evil sense of humour, because when everyone else was rolling around on Healings and Raleighs, I was given a pink(slightly off pink, but still pink), girls (sloping top tube, step through style) BMX…
My folks insisted on telling me it was “unisex”, which I eventually convinced myself of too, but the teasing at school and from my friends (most of whom were older) was pretty merciless.
I ended up crashing it, bending the frame and then pushing it off the loading ramp at the local stockyards. It’s injuries were fatal.
I wasn’t allowed a bike for a long time after that, as punishment. I had to settle with riding my sisters old bike which was too big for me, and once again, a girls bike.

It must have been when I was about 10 I guess, when one christmas morning we came out to find 2 matching mountain bikes (in girls and boys, for my sister and myself, respectively) in purple and blue. They were both Avanti Town & Country bikes and they were pretty much the coolest fucking things we’d ever seen. I can imagine how stoked Mum and Dad were to see the looks on our faces because it was pretty much the best christmas present reaction they ever received.
I can’t for the life of me remember what happened to that bike, but i have a feeling that my parents got rid of it when I got into some pretty serious trouble when I was about 12-ish as another form of punishment. Recurring theme perhaps?

Anyways, fast forward a few years and I’m at High School, I end up growing into being able to ride my Dad’s flat bar MTB, a Giant Iguana something like a '97,'98 model. Rad bike, I could wheelie for fucking ages on it and spent a hell of a lot of time on that thing.

I didn’t have another bike for several years (i got my license and then it was all cars for me), until I had moved out of home and was about 18 or 19. I didn’t have my own wheels, saved up my crappy apprentice wages and bought a mountain bike of my mates brother. When I think back on it now, I’m pretty sure that it was stolen, but I really didn’t know any better back then. I forget what model it was, but it was an Avanti hardtail and it was pretty kickass. My mate was heavily into MTB and his enthusiasm rubbed off on me in a big way, so I was soon buying extra bits and upgrading parts and turning this innocent little hardtail into a Frankenstein bike. We put Bomber Shocks on it (triple clamp, 8" travel), single chainring, chain guard, chain keeper etc, basically all of his hand me down Downhill parts from his Kona Koiler…
He started taking we out on weekends with his buddies and riding trails and I was riding downhill trails and fire-breaks, wearing jeans and a skate helmet, with this bunch of dudes in their full body armour and fullface helmets… It was pretty fun.

I lost my job when my employer went broke, so i had to sell that bike for a pittance in order to pay for food and rent, not happy times.

A couple of years later I bought a BMX off a co-worker, a black Specialized Vegas dirt special. I had a few mates who rode BMX so once again I was dragged into it. We kitted out the Vegas with a whole bunch of new gear and I thrashed BMX street and park for a while, driving all over the country finding spots and skateparks and being a typical BMX scumbag.
I bought another bike at the same time because I wanted something “better”, this was a greyMosh 4 Star Lux, which was super light and fun and awesome.
About a year later when I was on holiday visiting my parents, both of my bikes were stolen from my flat while my “mate” was staying with me. I never found out what the truth was, but I’m pretty sure he sold them for drugs or booze or whatever. Cvnt.

That was it for me and bikes for a long time.

Eventually I ended up in Melburn, and in about '07 I found out about “fixies” and decided I wanted one. I’d sworn off cars by this stage in my life because after sinking thousands and thousands of dollars into stupid car projects and losing my license 4(!) times, I thought it was a good idea to give that shit up.
I had no idea what a “fixie” was or how it worked, so i bought a second hand shitty [roadbike]( off ebay and decided to convert it to fixed. Stupid alloy framed black roadie with vertical dropouts and many hours of trawling forums and Sheldon and figuring stuff out by trial and error, I finally had a fixie (no foot retention, no brakes, no clue) and I was hooked. I had that bike for a while (eventually getting clips and straps for it, learning how to ride it properly, etc etc) and then discovered this place.

Once again, I got very much obsessed with the whole thing and decided to build a proper Tarck bike, so I bought a VISP frame and as far as my meager budget allowed, started putting together a few decent-ish parts to go on it.
It was obviously a total piece of crap bike, but I didn’t really care and I rode the living shit out of it in many Alleycats and Wed Fix rides and whatnot. I gave it a shitty multi-coloured rattle can paintjob and named it Dangermouse.

Then I decided to go to Europe and needed a better bike, so whilst saving for my trip, I also built up an On One Il-
, SSCX/Tourer to take with me.
I took my time sourcing bits for it, spent a decent amount of coin considering I was on a very tight budget and got it together and took it to Europe with me.
I rode London-Paris on it Berlin-Gorzow(Poland) and back, rode it all day every day in foreign cities and took it on many adventures over quite a few kilometres. That bike treated me very well and got me home in one piece, which was very touch and go at some stages. I named him Boris.

I sold Boris a few weeks ago, in order to fund my next purchase… Which leads me to my current bike.

I finally purchased a “proper” bike, with gears and everything from Saint Cloud.
Pretty much the only brand new bike I’ve ever owned, a Fuji Cross 2.0.

I like it, very much.

Edit: I dug out some old photos and came across a couple of bikes I couldn’t even remember. Sick

I’m the fat one in the back

my sister trying to kill me

this bike is fuckin bo$$

I had a Bully Turbine for my first bike, dad took me to my school one afternoon and pushed me down a hill, I didn’t know how to use the brakes and ended up ghosting the bike into this tyre/wood play equipment stuff while I rolled along the ground. It was awesome, haven’t looked back since! Have gone from MTB - BMX - MTB - BMX (with fixed coming in about half way through) all in that order! It’s been a fun ride.

Tonight was the first night I secretly wore my knicks under my clothes to a party I was riding to / from. Happy, happy times.

when i was 9 i won a mountain bike in a raffle. we got the bike and it had no air in the tyres. my dad went to work and said when he got home he would take me to a servo to pump up the tyres to ride.
i couldnt wait that long and as i could still ride it without air ( somewhat wobbly), thats what i did. I then rode it the entire day, on dirt, gravel, jumps, up and down gutters blah blah blah…
When my dad got home the rims were pretty much fuked. So warped and broken spokes. it was ruined. He wasnt going to pay to fix it as it was totally my fault. So thats where my bike riding begun and finished. I then got a skateboard. Then from 12-27 years old thats what i rode. Untill i got a fixed gear at the age of 27.

i was going to write a cut-cut-cut down version of mine, but then i remembered i had written a slightly less cut-down version for bennett over at fixiegc.

so here’s some copypasta for ya’ll.

I have a few early memories of riding. The first was of being super frustrated with training wheels, and learning to ride in my back yard at a very young age. Secondly, riding in the city botanical gardens with my dad, me on my little 16” and dad on his super awesome black and pink repco Olympic 12. However probably my most vivid early bike related memory would have to be a few years later when I was around 10 or so I think. I was riding up at Daisy Hill ( well known south side mtb trails) with my dad. We had just ridden down this really fast rocky fire trail and I thought I could go back and have another go but this time do it faster. Wrong. I don’t really remember what happened but I do remember sliding over the rocks on my stomach, that was my first (of only a few) big crashes.

I had actually been racing mtb and road fairly successfully before I had even heard of a track bike. I began racing mtb in the under 11’s age category. I was fairly successful in the under 11 and under 13 categories winning most races I entered, including local races, big meets and state champs. At around the age of 14 my ‘sort of coach’ and sponsor ( he owned a bike shop) introduced me to road cycling as a means of building up a bit of fitness for my upcoming under 15 season, which is about the age group where the racing starts to get a little serious. From there my success transferred straight over onto the road, I was soon racing at my local criterium track at Murrarrie and doing well in C grade against adults not riding on restricted gearing! (which for an under 15 was a maximum gear inches or around 77inches and around 83 inches for under 17). I entered state championships as an under 15 doing fairly well winning a few races and placing on the podium in the others. From this I was selected to represent Queensland at the National road championships being held that year in Tasmania. This was a lot for me to take in considering only a year or so ago I was just riding my mountain bike around and entering a few club races! At the nationals in Tasmania I was totally out of my depth but still gave it my best, placing 4th in the road race and getting a 3rd in the criterium, looking back now I believe that one afternoon of the crit was what hooked me on racing competitively.

It was not long after this that I got my first track bike, a custom built Evolution, green and purple, it was awesome and I loved, I was automatically hooked on track! My entry into the track scene was very similar to how I began racing road, with success at a club level first that then moved into becoming more of a sprint specific rider. I again had a fair amount of success at state track champs as an under 15, winning the flying 200mm, the 500m TT (both in qld record times) and picking up a few other podiums here and there. This again got me selected for National Championships which luckily for me, that year were held at chandler! I had a very successful champs winning my events and in the process setting new Australian records in the 200m flying and 500m TT, beating Shane Perkins old records.

By this stage the racing was all becoming routine, and I continued to race road and mtb with a similar level of success, and in my last year of under 15’s I became one of only a few riders in Aus in any category to have success at national level in all 3 disciplines covered under Cycling Australia, Gold at the track nationals, Bronze at road nationals and a gold in the cross country at mtb nationals.

With the move up to under 17’s my success continued however I was starting to feel somewhat bored with racing and it had started to become a drag. I still had many great times and much success, including medals at nationals in Adelaide and Alice Springs as well as riding many of the velodromes around Australia, and competing in the Victorian Christmas track carnivals (5 days of racing at 5 different rural Vic velodromes) in training races racing against (and often beating) many of Australia’s current up and coming cycling stars, many of who I actually became good friends with as well. However by the middle of my 2nd year as an under 17(grade 11) I had begun to lose my motivation to race. I just wanted to be a normal teenager!

I walked away from competitive cycling because it was no longer fun for me. I had made lots of friends, raced all over Australia and had done everything I could here in Australia, the next step was to move into under 19’s and have a shot at world championships. Over the Christmas between year 11 and 12 I spent time up in Rockhampton with Kenrick Tucker, who has trained just about every successful track cyclist that has come out of Queensland ( including anna/kerri meares). I was also under a contract with the Queensland Academy of Sport which was great, but I had decided that if my heart was not 100% in it, then there was no point wasting my and everyone else’s time and so I walked away. In fact I did not even touch a bike of any kind for around 6 months, which was strange as I had never ‘not ridden’ since I first learnt to ride. Following those months cold turkey, I began to ride again, this time on a 26” bmx/street style mtb, which was something I had always wanted to do but never could due to the fear of hurting myself and being out of racing. I continued to ride mtb for a number of years, eventually picking up my road bike again after about a year, and I have never looked back again! I began riding ‘fixed’ on the street in around late 2006 and was again hooked on riding ‘track’ bikes.

sorry for long essay, but ever more waffle can be found here

My first real bike was in 1979. A 10 speed Robs Special from Robs Cycles in Blackburn. Right next to the train line it shook as trains rattled past. I remember Peugeots being sold there as well. It was a great shop and was pretty involved with the Blackburn Cycling Club I believe. That bike lasted many years until stolen.

Like a lot of us cars then become your focus so no bikes until 2009 when I gave up smoking and discovered some hidden energy. Had to direct it somewhere so along came an old Peugeot. I think it was nearly as heavy as one of their cars. I was hooked on my simple Pug conversion.

Next came a Panasonic Keirin built to full Keirin specs. Very handy when I posted back to a submarine in WA where there is two velodromes (one usable) and that is 70 kays away. She hasn’t seen a lot of use so far but moving back to Daylesford and across to Adelaide for work I am going to have a wide choice of velodromes to choose from.

I needed something a little more usable for ridng to work so Tarn at Primate built me a custom SSCX which is a great machine to ride and has also done sections of the Munda Biddi Trail here in WA as well as this years Melb Roobaix. A great commuter I’m looking forward to doing some of the Gravel Grinders series and the like when back in Vic as of next week.

Just put down a deposit with Tarn to secure a build spot for the next bike… Mmmm what to build?

At the age of four I had a kids cross BMX bike and started using Trainer Wheels. At around five I stopped using training wheels, I remember this so well. I was at Porpunkah with family, it might have been easter, and I got on the bike we took up their and started pedalling like crazy on the open grass we have there without trainer wheels. The saddle wasn’t screwed on properly and kept going back and forth. At around 8 to 9 I got a pro gear MTB for my b’day, that was a good day. We went after school to have a look for a new bike and found this blue and silver one. It was brilliant, but I didn’t like the saddle and had a super squiddgy one put on. On my 12th birthday I got a new MTB which I still have and occasionally ride now, although it has a flat at the moment it’s still a nice bike to ride. The disc brakes still make this HORRIBLE squealing noise because I accidentally got chain lube and WD-40 on them and I can’t seem to fix it.

Half a year after I got this, I found out about fixed gears and decided to make one. I got an old roadie for free off a student teacher at my school, Hannah, and started to ride it. A few days after I dismantled the whole thing and put all these bits into a box. The stuff I couldn’t dismantle I took up to Sasha at Pony Bikes. I painted the frame and at about that time found out about this site. I’m not gonna go into that. It took me a while to obtain all the parts to my fixie. In the meanwhile I started doing track at the brunswick velodrome on sundays. Dave that runs it was awesome. He sorted out the bike stuff and everything and took me and the new comers to the grass to learn to ride a track bike. I think I got second on my first race! In the meantime I was chugging away at building my fixie and managed to get it finished. I still remember the day I rode it home from Sasha. I was sure I had all the money to pay for it, but just incase I took my $40 in gold coins. Turns out she had to install a new seat post and that cost $40. I was $2 from being unable to pay for it. Aaron, thanks for the free sprocket!

I loved my bike from the moment I set foot on pedal. I still do.

I started riding track at DISC when the Sunday Brunswick Races closed because of the winter. I borrowed a Fuji Track (Steel) from the cage and started riding on Tuesdays. The first few races went really well. Dave brought a blue Hillbrick for me too ride there. It had carbon forks and the full. I kept on getting really good positions. I took a break in the second term holidays for three weeks and I came back really bad. I got last or second last every time. My parents bought me a track bike just recently. Its a 2011 Avanti Pista.
I didn’t think I’d write all this but now you know my story. I’ve got some pictures too!

The Frame, Stripped.

The Frame, Painted.

My Track Bike, Sorry for the bad Pic.

The Frame, In Harmony. (I’ve cleaned it and raised saddles and lowered bars since then BTW)
Im going to put risers on it and buy a Concor. I would like to change the rear wheel DP18 to a non-machined Deep V/B43 but I don’t think I have enough money. Also I want to change the fork over to a 700c fork.
Thanks for letting me share.

Got my first BMX at the age of four (I think?). I have no idea what it was, but I know my dad built it up for me. It was sweet black to yellow fade and race number plate (it was number six, but I made my dad turn it into a nine I have no idea, but it had to be 9… Nine has always been my favourite number since). I loved that thing until I out-grew it, Then had some hand-me-down blue BMX until I went and lived with my mum. Got a MTB when I was 10 or 11? complete with moose handlebars. That lasted until I was about 18-ish. We lived near the beach and I bodyboarded, so it got covered in salt-water, sand, etc. Didn’t really have a bike from the ages of 19-28 after I got my license and started driving and skateboarding a lot.

Fast forward til I was 28, my girlfriend (now wife) and I were talking about getting bikes. Melbourne friends of mine that were skateboarders (Like me!) were talking about “fixies”, I had seen Monster Children and I was kind of keen to drive less and ride to places. I found a old singlespeed coaster-brake 28" bike in hard-rubbish and cleaned that up. Rode it about six times, but was really feeling it My wife then won an old step-through on ebay… Went to the guys house (which was walking distance from our house), turns out he was a collecter and had a whole shed full of bikes… When we went to pick up my wife’s bike, he had just built up a conversion to list on ebay. I fell in love with it, bought it then and there for $100. This is it the night I got it home. This frame / bike is now long gone…

So yeah, since that night in January 2008, I’ve been hooked. Bought a Malvern Star (Whitehorn) track frame from the same guy mid 2008. Got a Europa track bike complete early 2009. Went to Japan in July 2009, bought my Samson. Sold the Europa frame late 2009, bought the F(ake) Moser (which doesn’t really look like that any more).

Decided I wanted a steel road bike, bought the Viner complete mid last year, finished it in September last year. It’s set up with drops and clipless pedals now.

The latest bike is the Shogun. Finished this a week ago.

That’s it for now… I actually don’t know what bike I would like to get next. After going through what I have and had, I’m actually pretty content.

It’s quite interesting how many of us took a similar path.

As for me, BMX through childhood, luckily having a three year older brother meant I could upgrade to his once I outgrew mine! Got into skateboarding through high school, then cars – VW’s to be precise.

Got sick of paying for petrol, so grabbed my Dad’s Hallmark Steed and rode it into the ground. (Which I still feel bad about as he kept it in pristine condition, but I think he was happy it was being ridden.) Even took it to Melbourne when I moved out of home. Ended up cracking the down tube, tried to weld it up, but it just cracked again. Eventually gave it to Abbotsford Cycles for spare parts. Can’t find a picture, think white generic road bike – I still see the odd one locked up!

Then I bought a brand new Specialized Sirrus, which I loved – so light and nimble compared to the Hallmark. Took it to London with me and it got nicked on its first outing; I only had a cable lock and was only gone for 15 minutes…I was devastated.

^ Not exactly, but you get the idea.

Didn’t get a replacement for a while, but eventually got sick of The Tube and bought a second hand Dawes Discovery, and a D-lock!

Had a lot of fun on that bike and it even took me around Cornwall. Started to learn a lot more about bike maintenance and repairs. Sold it to a colleague for spare change, believe it is still alive and well.

Whilst in London I noticed the couriers and their minimal bikes, and soon learnt about fixed gears and wanted one. Returning to Melbourne one of the first things I did was go bike shopping. Didn’t have a heap of cash to throw around, but settled on a Kona Paddywagon which has been an absolute workhorse for the past three years.

Being a Tassie boy I had a desire to get a Tassie built track frame, so bought a McBain off Tim from the Bottles & Chains blog (also the man behind Velosmith.) Used my own hands to complete a restoration with period correct parts.

The next chapter is hopefully a road bike. Funny how things go full circle!

Now I won’t be embarrassed when you wait at the top of the hills…

Quick version:

  • Rode everywhere as a kid on a chromed out Malvern Star BMX, to school, to friends house, to footy training. Basically my mum had to work full time (single parent) so I had to get myself to school.
  • College came around and swapped bike for skateboard
  • Got a car. Stopped riding.
  • Finished studying design and the studio I was going for a job was full of very keen MTBers. I lied on my resumé that I was also in to MTB… I got the job and very quickly went out and bought my first MTB. (Just over 10 years ago).
  • Also got in to Downhill a few years ago
  • Started commuting to work on the MTB, decided that the drivetrain was getting too much road time and looked in to a single speed roadie about the time I joined this forum.
  • I have built a few fixed gear bikes, but after a knee injury both the dr and sports physio told me if I want my knees to last… give the fixed gear bike riding away
  • Sold fixed gear, bought SS CX.
  • Didn’t shave legs.