Your Dream fixie Thread

Kinda like bike porn, but your personal fav.
I’ll start.

In my opinion it’s only a true dream fixie with a parts list – otherwise this is just bike porn.

Point, then find one with similar parts you want and post that…
I want these aero’s and seat!
Bike porn is just a nice bike, where this is your favourite


yep, whats yours?

keo currys wonderful collection of bikes. truly bike porn.

Erle’s Ken.

Unable to find pic…but its really nice.

your dream bike is being propped up by an ed hardy shoe box. enough said

My current bike is actually my dream bike, which is fairly lucky as far as I’m concerned.

Alien frame, Phils laced to CXP33s, Sugino 75s, Thompson, Nitto, Selle SMP, Time ATACs, rides like an absolute dream.

I finally finished building my dream fixie after 4 years:

Those hubs are crazy. i didnt know phils came in multiple colors… i shouldve gotten phils rather than origins.

Swap out the bars for some drops and that would pretty much be my dream bike too. if i had some super pricey merckx or yamaguchi or something i’d spend the whole time being paranoid about wrecking it.

OT - sekt from tassie… you didn’t used to post on the citzen zero forums did you?

I rode drops for ages but the risers are much more comfortable and practical for city riding. Good times! Mine was a (forced) upgrade from my Ken Self track frame. The frame was awesome but always being wary of denting or scratching it was a bit of a pain. In the end I bent it, so the Alien came about. I bang it about a fair bit but it handles the abuse.

And yeah, I used to post on CZ, haha. You too I take it?

This is my dream ride, twitchy, fast and a chain that sounds like a chainsaw

such a great bike, how much do those wheels go for?

If you need to ask, you probably cant afford it…

Hahahah burnt!