your logo is not hardcore!

Your Logo Is Not Hardcore

despite liking a lot of these some lol’s were had

Yawn gif

people who are true hc do not have time to care who else has amalgamated the x symbol. this is scene kids calling out scene kids

I’m glad my DDCX one is getting a spin and keeping Billy Blogspot and Terry Tumblr chuckling away whilst they leech free wi-fi somewhere.


Your tumblr is not hardcore.

this. imaging or logo purporting to be hardcore is one massive wank.

Some good logos in there if you are up for a dig.

I don’t even get this.

The internet is wasted on the young.

Why all the hate? I enjoyed the tumblr picking up on a fairly obvious graphic design trend.

I don’t think all of them are picking up on a design trend. Crossing on things is a good way to go to create a nice balanced and strong logo.

Good example of hopping on a trend:
Your Logo Is Not Hardcore

Good example of good design:
Your Logo Is Not Hardcore
Your Logo Is Not Hardcore

Guys I was thinking of a career change into graphic design, but I am already a cyclist. Do I have to quit and start riding bikes again once I am a graphic designer? Please help.

Actually, the ‘hardcore’ scene appropriated the imagery of the ‘tilted crucifix’ (or Byzantine/Eastern Orthodox cross) from Christianity. The angle represents Jesus carrying the cross to Calvary for his crucifixion. So, your hardcore is all Jesus… motherfuckers.

FKN lol

Anything that is remotely associated with or uses term hardcore, past and present is a limp cliche! Straight edge is just another franchised element.

It was hardcore back in the day… it’s not hardcore anymore.

said it better than i could.
was just gonna say that i’m pretty sure that the X/circle logo has been around a lot longer than HC.

I don’t think they were ever hardcore.

Do we summise from this that FoA is hardcore?

Calico Jack was hardcore…