Your workdesk / home office thread

Show us where you view FOA from / where you earn your keep / and where all your bike deliveries end up.

This is where I earn my monies.

Mine is like that; but with more steel filings, bits of metal, tools, blood, flux and other crap scattered all over it.
Oh yeah and no computer, or phone…

So really the polar opposite

Slow day at work, Liam? :smiley:

7 days to go… I don’t want to do any more work for the year. Put a fork in me… im done.

Mine is similar but I have a goodlooking PA sitting just outside…

I’ll try and get a sneaky photo at some point today.

You’re quite lucky with your view Dubrat…

Haha, its like a little window to my workdesk… and look at the mr suppliments shaker.

Nice view, we have some damn hotties at our little studio.

Ezylee I thought you would have picked up on the EMPI mug before the Mr supplements shaker…

bloody neat bastards…this is after 2 weeks since moving desks. my old one was about 3x as messy. took me a full day to organise/file/throw-out/move

EDIT: also, it is necessary that all moniters have FOA on display. unwritten rule i’m sure

Sneaky snap.

Haha, there it is… needs a wash though! Notice my little collection of splitties on my desk.

I was thinking the same thing. I struggle to get to my keyboard as a result of the piles of crap on my desk…and you won’t be getting a picture.

Pics or GTFO.

Twin Dell 30 inch ultrasharp monitors. All in the name of science!

Nothing good to look at a daily basis, but I’m always on the road so its okay. Some good looking boxes at least…

What is this, a work desk for ants?

Work bench mate, don’t need much “office space”

Haha, I was commenting more on the size of the original pic. My avatar was bigger. I see it now though… it’s coo.

I’m terrible with pics, uploading wasn’t going to smooth either. The “office space” comment was in jest. You got a nice working space, would be awesome to have a decent sized monitor for work, looking at exploded parts diagrams would be a dream on that.

WhoTF is Mr Supplement? Does Bonds know their copyright is being stomped all over?

(pics of desk when i get home. i forgot my camera’s usb cable today)