are these grinders any good? I picked one up relatively cheaply, and was wondering what people think, and also any tips that come with a manual grinder?

they look pretty cool , i dont know anything about coffee grinders :stuck_out_tongue: angle grinders now that a whole different story :slight_smile:

so perhaps this was one thread you could’ve not commented on?

he asked what people think ! i said they look pretty cool , no need for your smart ass reply!

true. and there’s also no need for you to comment on every thread, as i was subtly implying. “need” is a funny concept, hey.

sorry that your so concerned of my involvement on this forum , why be a member if your not involved! YEah i think you need to keep your smart remarks to your self! just saying!

I was sort of asking here because I know there are a lot of people here who like coffee, and potentially may own one, and could provide some tips on grinding.

like i said, “need” is a relative concept. obviously your definition is different to mine. it’s a post-modern world, dude.

however, continually posting in threads unnecessarily - as you have been - will result in a ban. this, unlike the aforementioned relative concept, is an absolute truth.

HMC may argue that there is no such thing as an absolute truth, but he’s a philosophy student, so no one will care.

and sorry for the threadjack dude. people will give you real tips eventually.

Real tip:

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i did hear he has a beard…

but i’m putting my foot down. any comments in this thread that are not about the fancy grinder this poor bloke just bought will be deleted. starting now!

That’s fine man,

There’s a lot of different models, which do you have?

Try here first: CoffeeGeek - Zassenhaus Manual Mill

It says 236 on the bottom, which I think is the model number, since a lot of these guys refer to their machines by 3 digits. Would that be correct?
It looks like this one, but different logo

The only potential problem i can see is those screws fastening that top plate, which may strip out the wood if you go crazy spinning that grinding mechanism, asides from that it looks pretty cool.

Ooh, a knee mill, sweet. (The curved sides go between your thighs.)

If the burrs are in good condition you have a pretty nice grinder.

sorry to ask, but how do I check if they are in good condition? I can see into it, and I can see the burrs, but I have no idea what to look for.

I get blisters if I haven’t used my turkish/greek style coffee grinder in a while. It’s nice but to be honest if i wasn’t such a wog I’d get an electric one in a second. Maybe I should use the Bamix ???