Zeus Crank Bolt Tool?!

Has anyone got a special tool I could borrow to undo a Zeus crank bolt? It’s a hex bolt head, but one that nearly completely fills the hole, so a normal socket will not fit. Cranks are 70’s era pista as pictured:

Sorry, can’t help Nath… Looks like a tricky one - would Southern Bearings have a skinny socket perhaps?

Is it just me, or does every single component produced by those dratted Spaniards require a special tool???!!!

That was why I pissed-off my Zeus seatpost (anyone want it?)…

John and Unibicycles had some zeus cranks on his trackie. Maybe he can help you out.


nath, can you measure it up - i’ve got a skinny wall 15mm socket that does the job on some of these sort of things

It is a 16 mm bolt head and requires very thin walls if you use a socket. You may be able to borrow a Zeus spanner when you are up this way. Don’t lose it!

When you have got the bolts out, you can replace them with 14 or 15 mm headed bolts, the threads are standard.

yep 16mm. Could I borrow and express post it back?

I’d like to replace the BB too so the bolts can go as soon as they are out :slight_smile:

You are the exception that proves the rule, no problems. The BB and bolts would have a good home up here, if the other option is the bin.


Seems like the bike is the problem, and the BNE crew are the ones to help. SO, me being a nice lad, just ‘give’ me the bike to look after… :smiley:



hahah nice try - but then… i gues it is probably more your size than mine… i’ll swap the frame, fork and cranks for a 2007 fuji pista pro :wink:

Dude … are you crazy or what? That setup has got to be worth at least 10 pista pros.