Zeus cranks

I have a set of zeus cranks and am wondering what would be the best fit for a bottom bracket for them?

Very difficult to match. You should give them to me :wink:

In all seriousness mine have ISO taper. Best to take it to a bike shop and let them swap out their stock so to get the best chain line. I have never done this but I also have 6 different size BB and two bikes.

Hind sight is a wonderful thing

This would probably be a safe bet:


you might scratch up something on velobase. I have a miche bb for a set of vintage sr royal cranks it has adjustable cups and although it is 107mm it can move 3 or 4 mm each way in the shell although you will need to check the chainstay clearance.

Thanks. Yeah i think i’ll just take it to the shop and let them deal with it