Zooke and Lupines world (Melbourne) tour.

ok, so next thursday zooke and lupine are hitting melboune for a week.
coming down to celebrate zooke finishing her course, and me not stabbing any peds.
this is absolutly a relaxation thing for us, so we won’t be doing any 100km rides or speed sprints to wherever, but we will be in town pretty much every day, and wouldn’t mind meeting up with the fixies down there for cooffee, cake, drunken binges, and general rambling on about how cool we all are and how great it is to be so technilogically ass backwards as to be unable to work out how to use gears or brakes.
i’m hopeing to catch up with the mess community, and plunder trackcunt and shifter dan for loot as well.
so, anyways, my cell is 0405 007 890, email is lupine128@sluggy.net
give us a hoy if you feel like it.
or if you see a neon yellow frame with red rims, or a ratty beige shogun junker with cool parts, come say hi.

See you at Fed Square, 7:30 this Saturday then!