Zubmi bikes?

Yo, just wanted to know if any of you know of any track frames made by polish makers Zumbi. I was in carlton area and sor a fucken shweeet looking fixie with the Zumbi logo on it, havent had any luck of google, anyone got any thoughts?

that’s safas bike and you’re not gunna find another one like it, think it was a one off frame, zumbi do downhill/mtb frames mostly

and yes, it is fucking sweet.

+100 forgot about that point

ahh sweet, Yeah iv seen it round heaps. looks a bit like the olli erkkila frames

From what I know/have heard…

It’s a polish (or close by) com[pany. They ‘apparently’ stole the design from another company that I cant remember the name of but definitely know are polish. it might be tornado or something similar.

User SprayYaBike is getting a few in of the original brand to sell, but their turnaround has been tar-pit slow… i think tallshipahoy’s brother has one on order as well.

do you know where sprayYabike is selling them?

He is on here

I’m not sure they have landed yet… but yuo could try heretoo.


dudes have been waiting 6 months for theirs to arrive. supposedly in the mail now

shiieet, if only i had the cash. 33 euro is pretty decent though

corrected it for ya

cheers mate :smiley:

On a slightly different note, the Zumbi bikes look pretty sweet. They were looking for an Australian distributor a few months back.

from the stuff i’ve heard, the builder sounds like he’s on crack

Yeah Zumbi copied the brand Ten Four. Zumbi dont normally make track bikes. Ten Four frames are now in production and for sale the thing is the guy is the most difficult guy in the world to deal with. Still waiting on frames after 2 months. Been promised pics 4 times and still nothing. Been promised they been sent and still nothing. Today he blamed Australia postage restrictions. There’s shitloads more to the story but i wont go into it. The saga continues…

gahhhhh ive received notice that they are in syndey as of yesterday. fingers crossed!
yes this dude is seriously on crack, promised so much and got little at all, i was the first to contact him last year and was promised factory labelled number 1. but considering how bad this event has been going on i wouldnt put it past him to shaft me. i have seen on his facebook that other people have recieved their frames, so at least i know its sort of legit.

funds were transfered late september…
frame was promised october 22…

how much was shipping out of interest?

These things look awesome. Not sure about the 6 month wait, I’d be worried that nothing would show up in the end.

whats the dudes facebook?

i have received mine along with four other guys in melbourne. just waiting on it being re-sprayed.