Zullo Inqubo Pista


Nice, but the sellers tone rather annoys me:

You should probably only read this ad if you are truly interested in owning a bike that can be accurately described as extraordinary.

Let’s not waste time.

Someone on here for sure! The big question is- why the fuck sell it?

There’s still a couple of hours left in the day, let’s FOA Thursday flame the fuck out of it ,

Wasnt this in a old post your ride?

this guy?


Think it’s different.

the frame alone will cost you $3K plus shipping if you were to place an order

for that frame? $3000?

“To all but the discerning and knowledgeable this bike will appear expensive - but the uniqueness and quality justify the investment required.”


Begs the question, how far was it ridden?

Campagnolo Olympic Sydney Series rims, and he’s from Melbourne? Traitor… :wink:


could this be it? same colour anodising and also posted in 2009. has changed a heap load since then if it is.

EDIT: took to long to post. aeroBLOKE beat me to it

I would much rather this zullo…

ZULLO BIKE - Bici da corsa su misura - Bike Factory - Made in ITALY

The only zullo you could possibly consider would be the tour 91’ even then skippy said they were a piece of crap, that’s good enough for me.

Definitely the same bike. FOA username is Fusen, ebay seller name is FusenFusen. Writing style is the same wanky shit.

Quite sure is this guy. Hence the username similarities one ebay and here/velospace.
Fussy on velospace, the place for bikes
Zullo Inqubo (Yuiitsumuni) - a set on Flickr
BNA - Australian Cycling Forums • View topic - A friendly intro
He sold/gave me some stuff for my fixie build last year when I was near broke, towards the end. He’s really nice and deserves to see this sold.

Nah, He sounds like a dick.

A nice guy would have given you the bike.

Good bit of net stalking there isaac !

Ahhh, that thread makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Just because the bike is a shark jumping fixie, the attention to detail is good.
Dude also has this:

this is or was for sale on fixed a while back. I think he wanted around 2 and a half grand.

+1 on the guy being a nice bloke, bought some stuff from him as well.

As for the wanky sh1t, its an ad, ads have wanky sh1t. - its called marketing

yeh i went and checked it out for a friend, dude was lovely. bike was amazing, but too big unfortunately.

^it was always going to be too big, your friend was in fantasy land…

anyone else remember these phones?

useful, thanks.

why are you still here anyway, i thought you quit?!

xbbx is crazy

shame, you’ll never get to read my eulogy now. it was pretty fucking special too.