1" fork for a rent?

Hey guys,

I’m around Sydney for a few weeks and riding a lot, some hilly rides
and long Audax in particular, where going brakeless is not quite
right, so instead of my Kerry Hopkins track with undrilled 1" fork,
I have to borrow my friend’s old fixie, wondering if anybody got
a spare fork for rent or something like?
Thanks in advance

I have a 1" threaded fork that I can sell to you if you want. Its chrome and drilled for a brake.

Not really that keen to ‘rent’ it out though.

Ok, that could be an option, how much would it cost then? And wondering how long the rake is - I need 230mm. Thanks

Threaded or threadless? how long do you need the steerer tube?

Threaded, 1’', 230mm rake, thanks

That’s a lot of rake !!! I think you mean 230mm of steerer length :wink:

Yep, 230mm steerer