1" Threaded Headset

What’s the best?

Chris King.

They seem to be ‘unthreaded’…does he sell threaded?

Yes, Chris King make 17 different types of headset, 2 of these are 1" threaded Grip nut and 2Nut. Check it.


they are awesome

depends what you are using it for

^^ :? I’d use it as a headset.

id use it as a paperweight

I’ll be using it as a headset

i just bought a black gripnut headset from these guys about 10 minutes ago.
Free shipping eases the pain on any transaction.
You get what you pay for i guess, and from what i hear about his headsets, i wont need to but another one for a longtime… hopfully

I installed one I got from them last nite,… It’s sooo sick
I got a sliver one …

The set and forget head set…

Must be the week for it, I bought a silver 2nut from them a few days ago. They’ll be wondering what’s going on over here :mrgreen:

And if you’re after a good value option, my 1inch threaded shimano 105 hasn’t come loose or caused me dramas the last 10months I’ve been riding it.

Pity Shimano stopped making threaded headsets (apart from $$ NJS ones…)
I’ve got a Shimano 600 unit which is super reliable as well.

Aaron, go for a ride over to Ridgeways and pick up something cheap that will suit your bike - a sealed bearing set should last longer before you get the “straight ahead sindrome”

Got a GripNut on the new bike. Awesome headset for sure. If you want something more reasonably priced, I believe Miche do one? As do Token.

i just had a new hatta swan installed. such a difference! granted my old one was completely gone, but now super smooth, and super tight. loving it. they’re USD$104 delivered from track supermarket.

I wasnt aware of that.
according to the cyclelink website, they now have them on sale for $29, could be a cheap and reliable option.

scroll to the bottom of the page.

I have a tange one that I bought for $29 or something…I think it keeps tightening itself up.

Thread Hijack!!
Is there a way to check the stregth of forks without really pushing them to the limit with riding?

don’t get me wrong … Chris King headsets are very, very nice but even with the Sotto Voce (soft voice ?) logo’s I think they’re a little too vocal for my liking. I like a headset that does it’s job and sits in the background not stealing the show. And in my opinion it shouldn’t be too expensive either.

I’ve always favoured old steel headsets like my trusty Tange Levin. They gave it a Jewish name because it’s cheap and it lasts forever :smiley:

Just kidding, m’kay :sunglasses: L’Chaim :wink:

Actually, they’re not as cheap as they used to be and I don’t have much experience with the alloy versions currently available. But it’s a headset, looks like a headset and works like a headset. Given a choice I’d rather spend my money on nice wheels … that’s the heart of the bike.

I haven’t as yet received it but I’ll post about the cheapo Velo Orange ($19usd) headset when I have it fitted on a bike. Looks Ok and I’m hoping the logo comes off with a little kitchen scourer scrub. http://www.velo-orange.com/voalloyheadset.html

I have 8 to 10 classic steel bikes. Rather than spending $1300+ on the ne plus ultra of headsets for all of them I’d rather get my fingers dirty servicing them once or twice a year and put the money towards more important things like hookers and blow. :lol: