1" threadless carbon fork options?

Who makes one these days?
Easton used to make the EC90/EC70 fork in 1 inch, however I think they have stopped making it.
Anyone know of other makes?

And if you have something for sale let me know, thanks happy Easter.

I am also after some.

I found these on my search:-

Bike24 - Kinesis Carbon Race Fork 1 Inch Ahead

Quite often there are nos Kenissis wenge on the bay.

i pretty confident you can get a wound up in 1" threadless.

edit: http://www.woundupcomposites.com/specs.html

Wiggle | Tifosi Carbon Road Bike Forks 1 Inch Forks

Ah, nice find nexus!

weigh 658g

That’s quite a bit…

I knew I should have checked the weight ! Damn…!

haha easy mistake my friend :smiley:

Good to know there are a couple of options. There are a couple of those ridiculous aero EC90 Easton forks flying around ebay too. Failing that, STEEL


i have a set of Time ones… PM me for details. slightly short steerer, but for you my shirtless friend, a cheap price is available.

Wound-up still definitely make 1" threadless, Loading...

You could double up and get that THOMSON seatpost at the same time.

I had an ec90 sl on my coppi.
Looks great in the straight leg style
Had issues with it flexing under brakes causing shudder.
Cornering was good though as long as you weren’t on the brakes and they are pretty cheap