1" threadless fork to 1 1/8" stem options - can i use my quill adapter?

have figured the options are

  • 1" to 1 1/8" stem, but limited choices
  • shim the steerer to take 1 1/8 stem

the other choice i can think of is to use my current quill adapter set up.

i cant think why it wont work? 1" theadless headset holds the fork/steerer in place, insert adatper, run 1" spacers as needed. Obviously will need to cut the steerer accurately. Alloy steerer.

am i missing anything? has anyone actually tried it?

Just use a 1"-> 1 1/8th" steerer shim (I think I might have one you can have for postage), its threadless so the set up is just like a 1 1/8th" threadless except for the shim. (probs put some carbon assembly paste or something between the shim and the stem)

or buy a 1" steerer clamp stem?

I’m not sure how you will adjust the bearing preload on your 1" threaded headset with a quill adapter

shims shouldn’t be hard to find unless the steerer is too short?


Standard practice

ah…thats what i missed, bearing preload.

So that pretty much answers it, shims it is.

cheers fellas.

yeah, lots of stems come with the shim, so check out a few LBS’ they’ll probs have one floating
about. (or failing that I have one you can have- I owe you for that nokon)

…done here and as Keith said common practice (but no stem that I know comes with shims these days, just btw).


If your LBS doesn’t have a shim they’re useless.

Nitto stems come with them, for one.

thomson, problem solvers, velo orange, etc etc all make shims too.

There are lots of nice 1" threadless stems out there, as long as you don’t want 31.8mm bars.