As I hit my 10k post milestone, I’d like to thank you all for the many hours of work time filled with lolz and information and friendship.
This forum has taken me from a shitty conversion that I could barely ride up a hill to become a fully-fledged beardo supercommuter with leather saddles and dynamo lighting. Enabling at its finest.

It’s been a good 7 years, here’s to many more.

Bacon and egg rolls are on me, Avy.

Congrats, im close behind

FOA - singlehandedly reducing the productivity of at least 100 businesses or organisations.

I remember seeing the amount of hours I had spent on this forum and being horrified - and that was at least three years ago.


I recon at least 10 of those post were picking on me when I was new…… your welcome :slight_smile:

we all survived the hazing process.

I don’t spend much time on this internet forum at all.


I asked some fucken stoopid questions until I worked out to stop asking stoopid questions.

Teach me!

I was always taught there are no stupid questions

only stupid people.

Horatio who, precisely, taught you this?

There’s no stupid questions only stupid people.

oops too slow

Wrong. There’s plenty of stupid questions.

Fark like moths to the light lol…

hahaha yes! H. wins.

I reckon H has double bluffed himself.