$10 Parma

Had a $10 parma last night at the Grandview Hotel (Cnr Heidleberg Rd and Station St)…it was pretty good, a nice size with a heap of chips. Had to pay $2 extra for a salad though…all good. They have 6 different parma’s to choose from. Cheap on a Monday and Thursday Night.

Any other cheap/good place to eat…eg Napier Hotel?

the Newry on st georges rd fitzroy does a killer steak with mash & veg for $10 on wednesdays. $4 pints too.

the pub near the purple turtle on johnston st… cant remember the name. opposite the old centre for contemporary photography… used to do $7 meals on … thursdays i think?

6 different parmas? incredible.

Check out www.superparma.com for all that is good in parma.

A few of us from work had parma yesterday at the Elephant & Wheelbarrow on cnr Bourke & Exhibition - $15.90 so the price is up there, but it was quite good. The meal was a decent size, but the cheese on the parma could have been a bit better i.e.: was a bit rubbery.

The Duke Of Wellington on Flinders & Russell does $12 parma + pot on Thursdays.

I had a $8 parma in November at some place on Little Lonsdale, but it was crap. You definitely get what you pay for. I’d post the name if I could remember it.

ALRIGHT…went back to the Napier in Fitzroy for a feed last night, it has to be right up there in bargin food. 12.50 for a steak sandwich, and you cannot finish it…not at all.

I had parma at Mossquito in Fitzroy a few weeks back. It was around $17, and was basically 2 huge pieces of chicken schnitzel with the topping covering it all. On the menu it says ‘if you can finish this, you’re almost as good as me’ (me being the chef I guess). Anyway, I managed to put that away, then grze on my wife’s chips - yes, I am a pig!

Myself, and some mates from work have a parma lunch once a month, and this Thursday we’re going to sample the Imperial on Bourke St.

wooo… the double parma!

this parma thread resurrection reminded me of a blackboard at the terminus hotel in clifton hill, that reads (and i quote verbatim!)


i was like … ?

anyway, i went in and asked what was with the $30 parma. apparently its some organic chicken breast from a remote island off the coast…

insanity. i know.


Tenderised between the thighs of virgins I spose. Labour costs are high these days.

Any of you guys remember Fats Dominos in South Yarra? It probably hasn’t existed for 10 years now but they had the best burgers in Melbourne.

It was probably the only good reason to actually go to South Yarra.

I can highly recommend the Parma or if your game the 'Double Parma at the Keepers Arms in North Melbourne (cnr of Peel and Queesnberry sts). Its 50 metres from work and if someone suggests a parma and a pot for lunch on friday, you can guess how much work gets done that afternoon.

But I can’t work out where they get chooks that size. They must be on the same stuff that Jobie Dajka was. Good stuff. Make you real angry, also real big!!

Good Parma though - and a number of different types.

I can highly recommend the Napier. Though not a traditional parma, if you finish it, I think you can safely call yourself a man!!