$100 Hillman Roadie - Perth Gumtree


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perfect for mrs GM, thanks Jase!

no wukkas bruv.

Perth gumtree has really thrown out a bit lately. My Colnago, Jases’ Rossin, That recent Colnago and now a $100 hillman:) The Hillman will make a good clean up project.


I must have checked gumtree 2 minutes before it was listed! As I left for the city at 1.30 and it wasn’t there when I checked at 20 past!! Fuck! Perfect for MR HLC

and the fastback milton, and the webbed reynolds, and the klein quantum, and the gazelle…theres also a Gios there but a tad pricy.

sorry bud, thought was too small for ya dad, and didnt think you were ready for a roadie??..=D

Knee pain = gears :frowning:

… and my moser …


ah yes of course! Moser’S’ !!

So who got it??

and my hillman and perkins track with a boot full of crazy parts.
missed this by 2min.

Not me, said he had heaps of calls and emails. Guy picked it up tonight

You have to be quick in Perth. My $300 Colnago was up for about 20 Minutes before I text the guy. He said he had a guy looking at 5pm but if it didn’t sell I would be next. I couldn’t take the risk, so I offered $500 to jump the the line. he accepted and I was there in half an hour. So when it came to price I asked what he wanted. He said $500, I offered $300 and bingo. Was mine:)

In some weird twist of fate I got it.

I called the guy, he said someone was going to collect it (hence my post above) but I told him to call me if it falls through. (I assumed Greenmachine was collecting and knew it would be a sure thing anyway).

So I left the city with my mum and on the way home he rings, first buyer pulled out or couldn’t come get it so first in best dressed he said because I rang before if I can get to Morley in the next 15-20 then it’s mine otherwise there is a guy around the corner or from High Wycombe or something that wants it. So I busted my nuts and got there and picked it up.

Guy said he had calls from over east and all sorts of shit and said that this must be like gold to us people.

Long story short, I haven’t had a proper look at it yet cause my mum is over and weve just gotten home (nepalese curry where have you been all my life) but:

2 MASSIVE dents in the TT. Like HUGE. And a dent in the drive side seatstay. All ive seen so far. Oh well.
Stickers claim that it is Reynolds 531 and a Hillman. Haven’t looked for any telltale signs. I’ll check with Jase since he is the faux hillman king!

Shimano 600 Brakes/brake levers/shifters/front der/cranks/headset and I’m guessing BB.
Campy fluted seatpost
Sakae stem that has been drilled out, champo mondial bars? Something like that anyway.
Rear der is some black plastic piece of shit.
Wheels have campy hubs with campy omega rims and skewers.

Bike is as light as my green pursuit but rough as guts. Will take it for a spin Sunday arvo after my old lady leaves and heads back to Sydney.

Sorry all, don’t hate. I apologize if he has sold it out from under you GM. I was just going off what he said and heard the dudes life story about his pregnant wife and needing every last cent so yeah he just wanted it gone.

fate indeed mate! just watch out for the top tube TT dents, dont want that shit folding in on you!

at $100 seems the parts have paid for themself, so even if the frame is toast, you can easily get your money back and then some.

good buyin son.

Yeah they are a little concerning, once I clean it up I’ll get someone at a bike shop to look at it. Dunno if dents could ever be repaired… Otherwise just bog and paint! Not exactly gonna be a beater lol. See what happens and what I decide to do with it!!

HLC no stress at all, your hometown and for you trumps an east coaster for their girls too.
Post some pics up when you can, and way group with wheels=money back, any people in Perth whou could fill the tt dings or are they MASSIVE?

nothings too massive for bog hahaha

should try call a dent remover hahah…