105 5800 shifter refusing to up-shift

So I’ve just finished a steel road bike with a brand new 5800 group, but now, a day after finishing the build, the right hand shifter is refusing to up-shift more than one click. It was working perfectly yesterday, but when I jumped on it this morning it was stiff.

I’ve un-clamped the cable on the rear derailleur and its still the same problem, where the shifter will click once, but then refuse any more until its been down shifted.

Please tell me I’m just being clueless and I’ve switched something wrong somewhere!

Are we talking right of left hand shifter?


Thanks teach.
Okay so if it doesn’t ratchet and there is no cable tension, it could be a faulty shifter?

Thats what I was thinking, but I just pulled the hood off, opened it up a bit and gave it a good blast with an air hose.
Nothing noticeable seemed to come out but its back to shifting normally again, I’ll just keep an eye on it to make sure its not an ongoing issue.

Heres a shitty photo, just to makes this not such a pointless thread:

fully “murdered out” and in Joel Garner sizeway.
I approve
kinda tempted to buy 5800 but still have the ridley i bought 6 months ago to build

Super sweet. Remove Mavic decals and it will look totally sick

The only thing keeping the wheel stickers there is the fact they match the saddle, I’m sure they’ll both disappear soon enough though.
I bought a black post too thinking this frame took a 27.2, but I think the fluted silver one looks okay anyway.

there is such a thing as too much black ;p
looks good the way it is
what saddle is that anyway?
would match my bumblebee Van Tuyl

I’ve had two mates with 5700 shifters where the gear cable has frayed and eventually broken just inside the shifter, both were the right shifter from memory. Both were OEM cables which came on a stock bike, and both replaced by stainless steel shimano ones and neither have issues since. The exit for the cable is a pretty tight radius where it leaves the shifter. Not are how relevant that is but maybe try rolling back the hoods and checking the cable?

That probably won’t have happened with a brand new shifter and cable. Also, I don’t think the new 11-speed stuff has quite as tight radius turns in the shifter.
The new shimano ptfe-coated cables do shed some of the coating as it’s pulled through tight gaps. It’s possible that some of this stuff got caught in the shifter somewhere and the air blast cleared it… Maybe.

Saddle is a Selle Success Turbo F1, and quite frankly it sucks, the covering on it is pretty neat though.

I’m fairly sure the coating on the cables was the issue though, as the insertion hole was pretty tight, and caused the coating to flake off pretty badly. I’ll be changing the cables tomorrow to stainless ones anyway though as the flaking of the coating is pretty bad.

5800/6800/9000 shifters are all sensitive to seating of the cable head aswell as the hood position, it’s pretty easy to not have it sitting properly when first building it up/when fiddling.