That’s my plan for 2012.

You’ll make it.

kilometres or dollars?

that should be easy (does it include commuting?)

Looks like Brendan is close behind. Posts right?

if this is the case, it’s on.

8.34 posts per day from now on please.

i will claim to be more people in missed connections.

10.64 for you.

false claims might just give you the edge. this will be a great race.

two words: school holidays.

Two words : Admin privileges

whatever, noob.

10k what zoltan

ive had just about enough of your cryptic messages

watch your back



You’re living a lie Blakey! net doper.

I have lost all respect for you now Blakey.

My numbers are a reflection of hard earned time here talking shit and posting album covers whilst I’m supposed to be working.

I can see it now. Come the end of the year Blakey will be decided the winner, and come 2016 when the required IP tests and interviews are done the truth will come out. But who will care? He’ll get the credit now…that’s all that matters.
I hate administrations. Always cheating.

why stop there?

Jolan works for the government, his whole life is like school holidays;)

/\ rl lolz!

This should prove expensive. How many albums can you buy in a year?