10mm track parts

I was just wondering how 10mm track components differs from regular track stuff?
my mates dad recently got some beautiful 10mm dura ace cranks on his track bike and that was the first time id heard about it.

Chains are 10 mm pitch rather than 0.5". Smaller, lighter but not popular with the racers so another Shimano dead end that will probably be revived in the next few years.

The chain rollers are 10mm apart instead of 1/2" apart, and maybe the teeth are a little thicker.

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10-pitch was designed to reduce weight of the track groupset. Looking at the size of the 10-pitch cranks, you can see where they reduced the weight- the BCD is very small, smaller chainring and smaller spockets. I read somewhere that it was quickly banned from the Keirin races as it was an unfair advantage or something.
Today the Dura Ace 10-pitch system is just an obsolete novelty. Having said that it does work well, and there is a guy down at DISC who still rides his.
The biggest problem of running 10-pitch today is the chain- nobody makes them and as such they sell on ebay for $$.

belt drive is the way of the future, mark my words,

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thanks for all the info guys, very interesting!

It might be possible to buy 10mm pitch “industrial” chain from an industrial supplies/bearing shop. But I’ve never tried so don’t know for sure.

Hello All,

Further to 10mm topic I have a Dura Ace 10 crankset with 39T chainring and chain, was just wonderin if I can replace it with 1/2 chainring though it says use 10mm only, what are the consequences of this? Thanks in advance.

Well regular chains are 1/2 inch pitch which is 12.7mm, while 10 pitch is 10mm obviously. I would imagine a 1/2’ chainring with a 10 pitch chain just wouldn’t physically work… :?

You could measure the BCD of the crank and if it’s the same as for any 1/2" pitch rings available you’d be fine (122mm possibly?). If it’s a funky size that you can’t get a ring for, Cycles Underground could make you one.

Of course you’ll have to retire the chain (and cog and hub), and use a regular 1/2" pitch chain/cog setup, but you’ll get big bucks for the chain on ebay if it’s not worn.

Thank you for the reply , its all bnew, is there a 10mm specific hub? Can I just get a 10mm cog (thru a LBS) in melbs and attach it to a normal fixed hub. Oh the chainring is 49T but seems weird as it looks so small, i assume the gearing in 10mm is different from 1/2, i run 44 - 18 on 1/2", any suggestions which cog size for 49 - ? with 10mm to get similar gearing, will be using for streetriding only (if i wont sell it). I checked Cycles Underground a while back and they have really wicked c/rings there! I measured the distance from on nut to another says 7cm (tape does not have mm) center to center.

There’s no 10mm stuff except for the DA stuff like you have. It’s all NOS/used.

If the distance between two adjacent bolt holes is 71.7mm, then it’s 122BCD. But if it’s less, you’ll need a custom ring.

The hub threading is also unique, so you can’t buy a 1/2" cog for a 10mm hub, but you were able to buy a 10mm cog for a normal track hub. Good luck!

44:18 in 1/2" is the same as 44:18 in 10mm, it’s just a ratio. So 49:20 would be the closest you’ll get. But I doubt that size cog exists in 10mm.

If you’re going to ride this on the street, the grit will wear the chain pretty quickly, and then you’ll have a useless crank/ring as replacements are like rockinghorse shit.

I’d recommend either riding it only on the track, or selling the bits on ebay to a US/JP collector and fund yourself some nice purchases.

Blakey thank you for the insight! I will hang on to it and will be selling it soon!

I’m pretty sure there are a set of 10mm hubs at Bicycle Recycle. No other parts 10mm parts though.

Have you sold these yet?
If you haven’t just get a chainring from cycle underground 120bcd (trust me it’s 120) to run 1/2" and just use them like a normal crank, even if you want to run at 10mm pitch CU can make that also.
Or just sell them to me and I’ll ridem 1/2" :wink:

Hey man!

I still have the cranks might just hang on to it for the second project but if will decide to sell will give you a PM, cheers safe ridin all!

Thanks man…but ahh did you just refer to yourself in third person?