10t cassette for SRAM

Mirinda Carfrae’s Felt DA - Slowtwitch.com

Odds on, people will start putting these into 700c wheelsets.

I can hear it now, a la Tim Krabbe

“He was sprinting on the 10”

I always wanted to build up a capreo hub with a 9 tooth cog!

The Shimano Capreo hub and Cassette

but hub, cluster, lockring tool and wheel build it starts to become a moderately expensive joke.

that capreo stuff is cool, enter the landshark tt frame made for 650 wheels that is on ebay?

Rhys would love that 10t!! Would make running compacts more versatile in big mountans too!

this would be funny if it became more easily available/useable

there is already one delusional idiot here in adelaide who gets around with a 55/11 and tells everyone he just spins it out all the time…

pffft 10t…

Bmx 8t driver is where it’s at.