10th anniversary nationwide beers - NOV 1ST & frame giveaway for all donors

Hi all,

This year is FOAs 10th birthday!

FOA started when I was looking for bits to build a trackbike in 2004, at a time when parts were difficult to locate, and people who knew about about said parts were even difficult to find. So in 2005 I was selling some track cages on eBay (I think), and added the URL of this forum into listing - amazingly, enough people viewed the cages and became curious about the site… And well the rest is history.

So, FOAs 10th birthday is going to be a celebration of its humble beginnings… With a humble nationwide party. In all major cities in Australia where there are FOA riders, I need reps who I can trust with beer money to buy some beer - the format is simple: Go for a ride, drink some beer, post some pics.

When? Sunday 1st Nov, your capital city from 2pm - self-organise in your respective forums (in the meets section) - mods will nominate beer money reps. If no visible meetup has been organised in your city forum a week before the 1st of Nov, any funds allocated to your state will go elsewhere.


So where is this beer money coming from? Well that’s a great question… And the answer is: A very very large percentage of this years donor funds.

The more site donors we get this year, the more beer* will flow! If you haven’t already become a site donor, get into it - it’s $20, you get a sweet badge next to your name, warm fuzzies, etc: http://www.fixed.org.au/forums/payments.php **

Additionally, I have this Larry frame to giveaway - all FOA donors are eligible to win it. Names will be drawn out of Rolly’s tweed cap.

*Or ginger beer, if Brendan comes, post-10,000th-post-saga.
** Everyone is invited, not just site donors

This is a week after I get out of my cast. So excite.


gonna be sweet!! :slight_smile:


Of course I fly out of melb on the 31st of October!

I’ll be raising a glass to you guys from Tokyo.

Well done, keep up the good work.


But you live in Hobart Blakey. Just go for beers with the Hobart people.

You and Kate make Toby and pickle create bogus accounts.

Then claim their beers.


I’ll either be in yhe mountains riding back from Canberra or maybe in Slowbart…

Nooooooooooooo you have to change your flight!

Totally tempted to bail on the Sydney one and go to Melbourne’s.

…Also, just donated - thought it was about time (and missed the boat initially as I was overseas!)

Dammit. Will also be in Tas that weekend.

At the Hobart meetup with Blakey then? :stuck_out_tongue:


Also, FB event page created - can we make hundreds appear in the ‘GOING’ column?


I just realised we never gave credit to Mike D for the simple, yet beautiful, idea for each state to run their own party & Instagram the shit out of it.

shame he can’t actually come though ay…

Oh I’ll try

I am in South Korea.
Have a beer for me!

Showing the North the kind of beard freedom from tyranny brings?

I’ll raise a glass from London. Have fun, folks.

You know it!
Captain Risky is being called upon for a secret mission… Who am I to refuse?