11 years for the nurse

Been following this one.

11 years, 8 1/2 min, for culpable driving causing death, failing to to stop and failing to render assistance

Small consolation for the victim’s family but a heavier sentence than we’ve seen.

Her history of theft and whatnot would’ve positioned her pretty poorly when it came time for sentencing.

Agreed. I feel its a horrible situation all around (one person dead, another effectively orphaned), however I hope that the community takes note and that it influences the behavior of some people out there for the better.

Not to mention her history of driving offences as well. The lack of remorse nor acceptance of responsibility were also factors.

Appeals notwithstanding, good. Never showed any sign of even thinking she’d done f**ked up.

At the bottom of the article it notes that they’re still discussing how long her license should be cancelled for.

What The Fuck.

That they would even consider giving a license back to someone who killed with their car without remorse shows that our society is fucked.

'Straya. Where having a license seems to be considered a basic human right, not a privilege.

I’m (now) actually interested in what length of licence bans are possible and common. Part of me thinks that it’s probably not possible (or largely unprecedented) to permanently ban someone from driving. A history with government IT systems makes me also think it is possibly very difficult to ‘set’ in the system.

Of course I’m not interested enough to do any real research…

I’m familiar with a situation where a driver hit & killed a pedestrian, while high, in an unregistered car who fled the scene being suspended for 3 years in SA. Another where a driver was under the influence of alcohol, hit a bunch of stationary cars (wrote off three - including their own) and thankfully injured nobody being suspended for 2 years in TAS with a requirement to have an interlock fitted and used for the subsequent year (possibly 2 - I’ll have to ask).
It is anecdotal and subjective, however I agree that it seems driving is some inalienable human right in Australia instead of a solemn privilege for which people should be tested, licensed and reviewed.

Says she got suspended 9.5 years in the article I read so 12 mths longer than her non-parole period but less than the full term

And still people are convinced she did the world a favour. Dafuq is wrong with this place…

I was just reading this article the other day. Guy hits and kills a cyclist because he was texting and for whatever reason he was still allowed to drive with a previous 6 convictions of using his phone while driving…? How was he allowed to keep his license?

After her disqualification period, she’ll have to go in front of a magistrate (not just apply to Vicroads again), to justify it. With her history, it may be unlikely that her application will be granted.

slightly off topic - i was doing some research today and came across a sydney driver, tha tin 2014 had a crash despite being banned from driving until 2038! i mean wouldn’t you just put them in jail?1?!?

“A man who had been disqualified from driving until 2038 has allegedly led police on a pursuit through the city, before his Range Rover crashed into a taxi and left three people injured.”