135mm wheelset for campy 10 speed

I’m considering a CX build for my wife. It will replace her roadie because she rides a lot more gravel than tarmac. My hope is to transfer parts off her roadie as much as possible. The roadie has Campy veloce 10 speed.

I’m happy enough using mechanical road discs with her veloce levers.

But my question is what wheel options do I have for 135mm that will take her Campy 10 speed cassette?

Oh, and also 6-hole disc.

Miche cassette or probably fulcrum I would think.

Anything Mavic?

Hmm. Alternative - and cheaper and easier - is to build a Cross Check with mini-Vs. Then I can use the current 130mm wheels and groupset.

Or Hubbub Shimergo with a 9 sp cassette?