13b's langster

hey guys, just joined up, and thought i may as well put up my ride :slight_smile:

i recently purchased an 08 langster london at a good price :wink: as i have recently gotten back into riding again( used to race track road etc) and had only been riding street/park mtb(on a brooklyn park for those who know :wink: )

after getitng otu there and riding my roadie again, the old trackie in me wanted to get out again, and as i have no intention of racing again, i decided to give this a try :slight_smile:

and i can say that im loving it! taking my fixie on my normal rides i used to do on my roadie!

here it is,
with flats and front brake for when im out “training” i guess you could call it…

and here for when im trying to learn tricks on her :slight_smile:

im also very keen to meet up with brissy fixie riders who are also keen on learning/teaching me some flatland style tricks :wink:

Does it run with 13B twin turbo??

Nice ride love the london …and the colour.

Anychance u located in Sydney?

thanks :wink:

to be honest, i wasnt totally sold on thew colour at first, but its grown on me…

and no it dosnt run on a 13b, my 808 does tho :wink:

Nice one, I’m a big fan of those red hubs/rims and the overall look of the bike.

Blue chainring though? I’d go either black or silver to be picky, but hey, the wheels go round and your happy with it so life is good :slight_smile:


just ordered a pair of profile hubs;) :slight_smile:

not sure on rims yet… perhaps deep V’s, purely for the strength…???

What sort of hubs are the ones on it?

who knows, proably specialized ones…

there is nothing wrong with them, im just a sucker for not being able to leave bikes stock:D

and those hubs were hard to pass up :smiley:

mmmmm, yummy 8)

How much ‘to your door’ for the hubs?


Spud: That’s exactly what I was thinking :slight_smile: haha


Nothin’ sounds quite like an EIGHT…OH…EIGHT

Apparently the bolts aren’t metric which may be annoying, even the yanks are fomplining about it on the FGG forum…

Profile has never used metric.

and chromeo, thank you :slight_smile:

picked these babbies up sarvo, mmmm do they spin nice 8) 8) 8)

well its been a week and i have covered a few K’s on the new wheels already

where to start for those of you who may care…

first of all i had no problems at all buying directly from the profile website, was delivered here quickly and actually spent more time with aus post than it took to actually GET to aus… rolls eyes

weight is pretty reasonable at 230 and 270 grams. with cro-mo bolts, less for ti bolts obviously

not to mention they look f*cking awesome!

alright, after spending a we kriding on them, i can say these are the smoothest track hubs i have ever ridden on! period. and i had ridden alot of sets of track wheels when i was racing.
The axle bolt set-up on these hubs , i think, is great as well, no need to carry a spanner around for changing flats out on the road! just an allen key! i also have found this system a little simplier and much neater to use than the conventional axle/nut sytem.

you can all tell, im totally happy with my purchase and highly recommend them to anyone looking to build a nice set of fixed wheels

latest update is, it looks liek the biek is sold, moved on to fund my new fixie, but ya’ll will have to wait a few weeks for that one :wink: