14 bike co ESB

Hey guys/ girls,
long time reader first (or 2nd or 3rd) time poster. Just thought id share some photos of my everything bike at the moment. ive just moved back from London where i lived for about 2 years. I also ride BMX but I had to bring my 14 back with me, hand built in the UK to my spec, just couldnt part with it !
When im working again id like to sell the aerowarriors (although theyre ok) and lace some chukkers or todestriebs to some profile fixed hubs, but its all money :stuck_out_tongue:

cheers :slight_smile:

The seat tube/stays/tt junction reminds of of a Standard STA. This is a good thing. The jury is still out on fixed-freestyle. Just kidding (it sucks) loll

I’m frig’n loving it! Assorted shades of metal and black, sic! :smiley:

yeah nice, looks pretty tight

Looks good, live it :slight_smile: