14 more sleeps. Google Reader alternatives.

First they cut out all the awesome social functions in Reader in favour of the turd that is G+. Now it’s going away for good at the end of June.

I’ve refused to move on, but my hand is being forced now. What’s the best of the alternatives, that will also import my current feed list?


The Old Reader
feedly: your news. delivered.
Your Dashboard · Q-Sensei FeedBooster
Fever° Red hot. Well read.

Most have Android/iOS clients. Feedly is the best IMO.

Feedly or yoleoreader

https://github.com/samuelclay/NewsBlur if you want to roll your own

Blakey! I begrudgingly move over to Feedly, which I’m now begrudgingly admitting is actually a lot better than Google Reader.

Pretty much all the short-cut commands (like J and K to flick through posts) are the same, plus is looks a lot nicer and cleaner, dare I say it – I lot less Beta’ish.
Best thing is that it keeps your unread posts at the top, so if you only get halfway through your daily haul, you don’t have to go back through all the unread ones. (I don’t know if reader had an option to fix that, but I never found it)

Only problem I’ve found is that whenever it finds a malwareish post it kicks you out for your own safety, but fails to remove the post – which begins a battle to get in there and quickly mark the post ‘as read’ before the error message can kick you out.

EDIT: also, feedly have jumped on the Google Reader Refugee market, so switching over and keeping your feeds is insanely simple.

Another +1 for feedly. I’ve tried a few others and found feedly the closest to the original, but also with the best additional features. Migrating is dead simple too. It’s constantly getting better, especially the android app.

It’s a very handy feature.

A hint for those who do decide to use feedly: some of the settings, such as the ‘oldest posts first’ and feed view, will only apply to the individual feed or group of feeds open when you apply the setting change. It’s handy to be able to customize each type of feed depending on how you want to browse it. I read news differently to viewing art blogs, for example. But if you’re wondering why your setting changes don’t apply across all your feeds, you now know why.

Did not know this. Awesome!

I actually have no idea what a reader is.

I don’t know if it’s an intentional feature or a bug, but it’s what I’ve found using it on Chrome

But… but… how do you know about anything? surely not from books? (do they even make them anymore?)

It’s where you find teh lulz


I just have the three or four websites I visit in favourites

me neither james.

i wait for you or someone else to tell me, then i take it to my other lesser friends and pretend i found it.


Me neither, I just use the reload button

Feedly is pretty nice, some of the gestures are a bit annoying on the iphone but it’s reliable enough.