($15 Discount) Oh Hello FOA!

Soooo… Seems like this section of the forum is open up to everyone on FOA. Time to celebrate right?

Kick things off… for all my FOAMAFIA friends, take $15 off your next order (limited to the first 15 orders). Why $15? Well it was the first number I thought of between 14 and 16, so yeah…

NO minimum spend…

Anyway, use code FOAMAFIA at the check out and the discount* is yours. Enjoy peeps!

only online at: www.bogear.com.au

[LEFT]*applies to everything pre-made (ie not custom) except Helen & Postage. Helen is not for sale and I’m not a postie, so you are going to have to pay for that… sorry!

FYI: Rolly jumped on my back (ignore the fact that a Ranga was riding a Ranga and just looks weird) and asked me to do this. HE MADE ME. :stuck_out_tongue:

it’s true, i [i]forced[/i] dave to promote and grow his business through the power of FOA… :wink:

can i at least pat Helen when i visit one day?

minimum spend dave?

Thread unapproved until Dave replies to clarify on minimum spend.

(Already PM’d him when the post first went up.)

no minimum spend, but don’t take the piss.

Dave are you down for the Rrrrroobaix? Did rolly literally jump on your back?!

Hah! No, no I was not. But I would happily piggyback Rolly should the need arise.

Jolan could have used you on Sunday

Come visit Rolly, and others, ride chandler, alley cat/bike sports epic weekend being organised by the omnipotent Antmandan in September…

nickj & I are pretty keen to come & bro down with BOGear Dave once he gets back.

but let’s not thread jack this.