15yo rides from Brisbane to Sydney without telling mum

The Age

Bless. Hope he took pics - at the FB group there’s talk of an annual ride (for Asperger’s awareness) over Easter, sounds good, as if there wasn’t enough on … Feel good hit of Autumn?

What a little champ. Wonder what he was riding?

i wondered the same thing.
thats a bloody top effort. when i ran away from home i got as far as the corner of the street. no-one even knew i was gone…

wonder no more… kinda makes it seem even more amazing if he did it in those sand shoes :smiley:

How much of a downer is it when no one misses you :cry:

mum voice “Oh you ran away, that’s nice dear, now go wash up for dinner.”

What a champion, I kinda feel for the mum not knowing where her son is… but at the end of the day he is safe and he has achieved something that not many people would be able to do.

bahahahaha so true

when i was about 7 or 8 i informed my parents i was running away.

my mum offered to make me a sandwich to take with me and to help pack my bag.

even when you are that young, you know when you are being mocked…

Much respect for this kid.

Doesn’t the article say the last time he was seen was on CCTV footage at a train station on the GC and then he was found at a train station in Sydney?

I could be wrong.

You are correct sir. Maybe try and get him on the Cannonball next year?