1950 CX race


Love it -
‘this wasn’t the actual crossing point, but someone moved the arrows… yours truly’

This is fantastic. the commentary is hilarious

That’s so awesome!

Love the bicycle tossing antics over the creek, hoping a Merri Creek crossing will be included in the next CX race at Brunswick velo?

absolutely made my day.

“this man is a referee… he trains by running backwards… he’s been hit by cars a few times…”


“who’s this lad with a quiff on the front gettin in the way… short back and sides”

great post nexus made my day too!

haha, love it. that creek scene is hilarious.

^ I love the dude that chucks his bike almost hitting the bloke getting out! Was Pinball Wizard in that race :stuck_out_tongue:

That was so rad.