1989ish' Colnago Super

Thought I would post some pictures up.

Here is my 1989? Columbus SL Colnago.

I purchased it off gumtree for $300, Bit of a “start the car” moment IMO. It came with some Campagnolo C Record parts. Delta Brakes, headset, drive train, early ergo levers, pantographed cinelli stem, and some old mavic wheels.

It has colnago stamped dropouts, and the serial number on the dropout is 1b723. The original owner told me it was made from columbus sl tubing and that he purchased it 17 years ago.

I sold most of the parts to pay for new ones:) I was keen to get some silver veloce, But I couldn’t pass down a cheap sram rival groupset from jase.

Frame: 89 Colnago Super.
Headset:Campy C-Record.
Groupset: Sram Rival.
Wheels: Open Pros to 105 hubs
Stem: Nitto Pearl (njs)
Bars: C - Unit bars from Gear Brisbane.
Seatpost: Kalloy
Seat: Tioga Leather?

I am still not 100% sure it is from 1989 I was just going by this lfgss ad.

For Sale: Colnago Super SL road bike - London Fixed-gear and Single-speed

Sorry about the poor quality pictures…

Looks great,
I missed this from you by 5 mins haha i only wanted the c record group any way.
Love that paint good to see it being ridden.

fluro love.

bout time moit =D

funniest shit I’ve read all day!!!

AeroBLoKe and Jase are in this secret bike gang where they have nice bikes that they don’t ride :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Jokes aside, looking good mate, and we HOPE to see you on a ride one day! Bike hike? :wink:

Now get the trackie fixed p!

christ this sounds familiar

edit: lovely bike, what size is it?

haha yeah yeah, This gets ridden everyday to Uni haha. And I was considering the bike hike, when is it?

yeah, the track bike will be finished when the chromer comes back. He fell off a horse and broke his arm :confused:

and Scott if I remember correctly its a 58tt and 60st. How’s your road bike coming along?

Sure it ets ridden… :stuck_out_tongue:

18th March. 70km Mandurah - Perth. Easyyyyyyyyyy

I’ll see what I can do, and I assume riding on the freeway is easier then riding bike paths/roads?

Love the paint. They should do the modern ones like that!

Much easier! I avg’d 32kph last year with no training on BMX flats/straps wearing cutoffs and a backpack lol

Hoping to better that by a lot this year (Lycra/clipless/bidons), although I may need to gear up. Haven’t decided yet!

just about there, been procrastinating a bit, needs some ghetto tweaks and i was trying to figure out some shit, realistically rim tape/tubes/tires is all it needs, however tuning deraileurs is not my strong point, but i want to do it myself, so i’ll give it a go, and then i’ll get someone knowledgable to tweak it afterwards i suppose, i put the rear shift cable in, pulled it through tight and it wanted to shift about 6 cogs straight up, haha trial and error

Good Job. Gear up as in bags, bottles etc or those big chainrings you enjoy?

Your not the only one man, I have had a few dropped chains from my dodgy cable set ups. Might bight the bullet and get someone to do it for me.

^^ big Chainrings / small sprockets :smiley:

Will need someone to once over my Hillman too when it’s done!