1992 cannondale track

i got this 1992 cannondale track custom painted. It was customed painted when the guy got it from cannondale in 1992 i think its pretty much one of a kind and I am in love. build it up with dura ace. DA ftw

thats a really clean bike! really diggin the paint job.

good work

really nice, everthing is really tight especially around the front break area. I LOVE those drops. they are awesome!

thanks dude yeah i enjoy the drops they give you quite a few different hand positions

that paint job is schmich!

so clean

yeah i think i got pretty lucky getting it with such a rare paint job and it is a really nice frame to ride

very cool . nice find

my bike has a very similar paint job but in red instead of blue and chipping a fair bit. Do you know where it was done i’d love to get mine re-sprayed

nice geo nice bars nice paint job nice parts… just nice all ova.

thanks i have some different forks coming they are like carbon aero typish forks i think they might look better then the ones on there now its a bitch to find 1 inch threaded carbon forks but for anyone who cares the specs are
92 cannondale track frame
dura ace 7600 hubs on mavic open pros
dura ace 7600 cranks
nitto pearl stem
nitto b123 drops
paul lever
dura ace 7800 brake
brooks team professional seat (i think)
dura ace seatpost