1999 Klein Quantum

Picked up one of these earlier this year in very average condition, pretty much exact same specs from factory. Sold off the group and wheels

Respray with SRAM Red rolling on Fuclrum Racing 1s

Base Quantum, not Quantum Pro or Quantum Race?

Base quantum, at least that’s what the sticker says!

a had to pick up some GXP cranks, NOS babyyy


Sweet Jase!
So threaded BB?

cheers H :smiley:

Yeah, regular threaded BB.

So good. Being post Trek it’s about the best of both worlds; Klein tubing and manufacturing, Trek no-bullshit standard BB and front end.

How did you do the decals? Reprints or just painted over the originals?

yeah, happy i didnt have to deal with them, although that front end combo is pretty cool

ebay vinyls.