2 'road' frames (Track)



My legs are too short…

nice finds. could go for bargain due to mis-listing. though probably not now that its listed here!

that bates looks like one of the welds has broken. see seat stay pics. not unfixable, but annoying.

the royal star looks pretty damn good though.

for the record, the ‘andrew’ is not me.

there you go folks… no bidding war! get on it!

Both are fucking nice… that Bates is amazing.

I’ve got my eye on it… Wonder what it’ll go for.

my back is too old…

I refuse to put my back out for something without a pulse :sunglasses:

anyone care to take a guess as to how much the royal star will go for?..

umm… say $390

I could fit on the Bates… I’m semi-keen. I guess I’ll wait til the end.

damn, was going to put 300 on it, but seems you bid 390 no point.

no, i ain’t bidding. too big for me (just).

I’m bidding on the Bates. I have my limit… It’s either this frame (which I don’t need) or a new helmet (which I do need).

frame for sure, stick to the old helmet.

and to i-scream: 390 seems a pretty precise amount.

yeah, just a number, don’t read too much into it. prob actually revise that down a bit, as condition of frame/parts isn’t great (though not bad either). but with ebay, you never know.

good luck to whoever is having a punt!

Nah, the old helmet is cracked. I do need a new helmet.

Good luck to the winner, cause I’ve been oputbid at $200.

Looks like a new helmet for me this week.

$380… not a bad guess.

The Bates went for $340.

:mrgreen: dirty dancing on my new bates…