2 things, stuck handlebars and drilling out brake holes for recessed bolts..

First thing first. I have some Cinelli crits, with what is a 26.4 clamp stuck in a handlebar with either a 25.4 or 26 clamp. Any advice for getting it out…? Prying and twisting just ends up with the stem shearing a layer of metal of the handlebar. I don’t really want to cut the stem open cause I like it, but I might have to… any ideas?

Also, I have a frame drilled for nutted bolts, and I have some 600 brakes I want to put on it that use a recessed brake. is it just as easy and drilling the back end of each hole out a bit to fit the recessed bolt? what size do i drill it? I think it’s 8mm but not sure.

just use a big flat screwdriver as a lever until theres just enough room to get the bars out,

also with the brakes just drill into it no problem

managed to get the handlebars out before with a bit of wd40 and a nail punch. everythigns solved! what a pointless thread this turned out to be.

with drilling the brakes. the front would be straight forward. the rear i imagine a bit more tricky. i cant imagine getting a drill in between the seat tube and stays to get at the back of the brake bridge?

Use a front recessed brake in the rear and the bolt will be long enough to use a nyloc nut on it.

If you’re drilling the fork free hand, do it in stages (eg 5mm, 5.5mm, 6mm), with some cutting fluid / oil so you lessen your chances of drilling off axis, or making a dogs breakfast of it.

sorry to bring up an old thread but re: drilling out brake holes, is it a problem if you drill all the way through the fork or shoukd you just drill in long enough for the allen key bolt?

Just drill through the back of the fork and then STOP!

I’ve done it a couple of times and even for my, sadly lacking, technical skills, I found it pretty easy. Just use the existing hole as a guide and you can’t really go wrong.

sweet, cheers. im gonna get out my drill now

Let us know how it goes, I have a similar problem as well…