20 Reasons

Maniac drivers cutting you off, flat tyres, turning up with a wet arse, dehydration, dodging daredevil pedestrians, getting stuck in tram tracks, cops, battling headwinds, climbing hills, battling headwinds while climbing hills, sore knees, sweaty clothes, competing with trucks and buses, abuse from motorists, abuse from pedestrians, burning lungs, riding in the rain, car doors ready to take you out, dirty hands and cut locks. Fuck I love cycling.

Inspired by last night’s ride home in the rain; as much as I cursed, I wouldn’t have wanted to be anywhere else.

5 X (Cops ready to book you for no brakes and no bells) + 10 X (iPod Zombie) + 5 X (car door blocking the cycling lane) = I love cycling too!


It was nice and sunny this morning in Adelaide though.