2000 Cannondale R400

can pick this up for $150 as is. I already have an old trek 1500 to commute on, and a fixie being built as we speak, but i really really like older 'dales, and this is my size.

question is, is $150 worth it? the money i spend on it will delay my fixie build, (im broke) and probably clutter my garage even more, but as i said, i really like it!

Can anyone identify the groupset aswell? its rsx isn’t it?? I’ve got a spare 6700 ultegra i could run on it anyway, but just curious.

Would i be better off putting the ultegra group ive already got, onto my trek, and spending the $150 on my fixie?


heres my trek btw; soz about sh!t photo, will get better pictures tomorrow!


GET IT. For $150, go without food for a week or two. Also, if that’s your size the trek definitely isn’t.

Also, if the rsx group is working just run it as is. New cables and chain and away you go.

thanks, ill be picking it up tomorrow!

Apparently it has just had all new gear cabling, chain and cassette/chainrings/dummy wheels fitted, not sure about that though.

I may sell the ultegra group and run campy veloce; thoughts Heavymetal? I really like jase’s black commuter!


and yeh trek was a smidge to big, but it’s all ive currently got to ride.

anyone on here live in North Geelong, and want free beer? I may need someone to pick it up and bring it to the cbd; since when can’t bikes go on vlines. not happy :frowning:

Jase needs this frame.

no he doesn’t, i do!

If you’ve already got the Ultegra group just use that. I’ve got Ultegra on my roadie and it’s great. Not much use selling a great groupset. FWIW I’ve got a near identical Cannondale running old silver Veloce and it’s pretty good, but I like the Ultegra better. I also like having more and cheaper options for wheelsets with Shimano.

This is my 92 C’dale with Veloce:

Either way, you’ve got a good deal.

Buy it and ride it home!

They can, but I may be able to help out with pick up if you need it.

Didn’t Keith say something about these kinds of dropouts being dodgy? Or is that something different?

not on public holidays, or on vline coaches. track work on the train system makes my trip from oakleigh to geelong 4 1/2 hours.

im not anywhere near up to riding from North Geelong to Oakleigh heavymetal.

pm’d P!N20.

dont you have parents that can drive you?

Looks sweet,

are you running a 1’ to 1 1/8th headstem converter? not stock forks?

wheels look nice. saddle looks like my couch :slight_smile:

unfortunantly not :frowning:

1" threadless carbon forks. I have the stock ones as well, but these look and go better. Modernises the bike greatly.

i like it.

Seller is delivering it to my door for $185 super happy. Can not wait. FU#KING YEH WOOOO!!

Can anyone think of anything I am going to need to spend money on, as far as this bike goes? i had $200 aside for fixay parts, and $185 has just gone out the window on this 'dale. I don’t mind that i delayed my fixy build, because i’ll atleast have a suitable sized bike to ride, but I hope i’m not going to have to spend any extra $$ on it yet.

Apparently there has been new cables, tires/tubes, seat and stem fitted; that should mean $0 having to be spent yeh?


Sounds like it. Ride it as is: I’ve just built my commuter with 8 speed Sora and it’s just fine. RSX shouldn’t present you with any problems, especially considering the new parts and recent service. Ride and enjoy.

cough pedal straps cough

cough luckily i have some cough :slight_smile: :slight_smile: