2004 Wheelie Olympic Sprint Final Boss vs Bayley

Stolen from http://johnprolly.blogspot.com/ Prolly’s blog (possibly the biggest posuer of them all, in a good way!)

What’s the deal with Ryan Bayley doing a wheelie at the end of the video? You need to watch till the end.


Ever ‘thrown’ a track bike at speed?

Care to elaborate Eddie? :slight_smile:

Well throw a bike for the finish line and your weight goes backwards and bike goes forward.

When you are on a freewheeling bike you stop pedalling as you throw your bike forward, usually keeps everything balanced, and the front wheel on the tarmac.

When you throw a fixie, you do the same, but cant really stop pedalling, so the motion makes you drive the bike forward and the pedalling drives the bike up, so you end up in a mono. Talking speeds of 60kph+

It was Bayley’s signature thing in '04. He had the form and audacity to do it - he popped a couple at the 2004 worlds at Vodafone and the crowds loved it.

Rathbone last season at Austral, first Scratch Race:

Does “throwing” a bike give you that much more speed at the finish?

If the race was really tight, I’d imagine that lifting the front wheel would shorten your bike length. Not good when you want to be the first to reach the line … correct?

Gives you length, not speed. Timed well, a throw will beat a no throw.