2007 Felt tk2 - 56cm


Complete for $500.

guessing it’s in adelaide?
i’d grab it if it was in melburn.

its sold



someone trying to make a quick buck maybe, they could have at least taken new photos…

this enrages me as it was sold at a good ‘club’ price to help someone get into track racing…

yeah its annoying, but you have to expect the internet to be a free for all, if someone really wants to sell within the club they should just pin up a notice at the track, old school style…

What a prick. Spam the bastards phone.

You serious?

You mean you don’t know the seller?

Aren’t you, the original seller and the buyer / new seller all part of the same cycling club?

i am mates with the original seller, and know who the current seller is… dont rate that its been bought just to sell on for a profit, its not really in the spirit of selling for a good price to someone who apparently wants to get into racing but isnt rolling in cash


sorry zoltan ill delete this post as i was harsh to you

nah bro.

Just stirring.

From what I understand…

“if you are blatantly trying to rip people off i am blatantly going to call you out about it on a public forum”


bros 4 life bro, id never profiteer off you

They do lynchings at PACC club meets? :lol: