201̶9̶20^H^H21 Pro Road Racing

After that mental finish - who could have predicted (other than Jamesy) Heino getting selected AGAIN and getting the job done on a hillier course by riding over the broken and twisted body of FroomeDog - to take the Rainbow Stripes does he have a go at Nationals? Maybe! However, now that Brendan Canty finally got to salute properly on the last lap and took the Road Nats last time around, can he defend this year? What about the emergence of Mick Rogers as the DS for Bjarne’s super-team? Will they play a part at the TDU this or take the whole thing?

only thing canty will ever win is in your mind luke

why do we have a 2019 thread? am i missing something…?

Time travel?

nah, i’ve got that down.


Can Myer will get a baking from the MS DS I suspect for forking up the nationals

All about Gigante. Dayum boy.

i think he was Farked, couldn’t lift the pace over the line atall

then backs it up for the hawthorn crits on wednesday!



Which was ze wurst…
a) Ewan doin’ the McEwan
b) Bevan doin’ the Nibble ?

both fine imo, even tho Ewan devoid of sensations.

Pretty happy with omloop results overnight, sounds like it will be a good watch too.

Read that they had to stop the women’s race cos the female breakaway caught the mens peloton!

QS dominating the classics is more entertaining than Sky doing it at TdF

Strade binache looked good too, solid effort from Langvad to take 2nd in the womens! I assume she’ll be back for specialized in the xc this season too. The crossover in womens cycling is amazing. Van der poel is making it happen in the mens too

van aert looked knackered but still did well to fin 3rd in the men’s, he & vander poel are due for some big wins in any discipline…i wouldn’t b surprised in both goto 2020 olympics, vander poel in either xco or road, van aert in road


van der Poel with some mad sorcery…

Stupid rock

I backed him a few weeks ago to win Flanders at 18/1. After last night he’s into 9/1 third favourite. Wout van Aert is favourtie at 8/1. The cross boys are taking over the Classics!

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