2010 Karate Monkey - Suitable for bikepacking?

Hey gang – my brother is looking to get a bike suitable for bike packing and is eyeing off a 2010 karate monkey which is currently set up as a single speed.

I am hoping someone could give me advice for a good groupset that will work on the bike that he can price up just so he can get an idea as to how much he will be up for.

Has anyone used these for bike packing? Are they a good option? Those dropoouts look a bit strange to me.

speak to Harry, pretty sure he & his gf both have KM’s for bikepacking.

edit - just saw the 2010 bit… so unsure how relevant my info is.

The KM changed considerable a couple years back, the 2010 is nothing like the one Hari has. That said, I have no idea what the actual differences are, though I think Blakey might.

Paging albot

Clicking through here, it reads as though the SS and geared “Ops” version use the same frame, with very similar dropouts.

The Ops version gives a run down of a complete version offered by Surly, so should give you an idea of possible groupset.

“Frame comes equipped as a single speed. Our Modular Dropout System gives you the option of 142 x 12 thru-axle, single speed or Shimano direct mount derailleur hanger [axle included], 9mm QR geared. More combos than you can shake a stick at”

I reckon the karate monkey in the legacy section is a different year… 2010 had (I think) a non-moudlar dropout, it was a track end with a derailleur hanger below (I think the whole thing was cast, not a brazed on hanger?).

for bikepacking, I really dont know what makes a good or bad bikepacking bike. It can certainly be ridden like hell off road and I’m sure is overbuilt, even for 20kg of bags in addition to the rider…
Its way steeper than the current stuff, so may be more twitchy? But I dont think that really matters and can be addressed to a fair degree with cockpit. The key is either slamming the rear wheel or getting a strong QR/10mm both through, maybe with brass washers, that will bite hard into that dropout without using tugnuts, which arent the end of the world, but a bit of a bummer when fixing a flat or transporting in the boot, etc. I’d bloody love one, fwiw. I guess you can see braze on situation in flesh or in pics, and again, lack of can be worked around. How much he spend on frameset? I hope fork comes with?

Yeah, that legacy one looks different to the 2010 model (the little triangle near the seat post isn’t present on the 2010 model).